The Climate Crisis

It's a critical time for our planet: We face a global energy crisis, economic crisis, and ecological crisis. Corruption and inequality are a huge part of the problem, but so is the complexity of the mess we’ve gotten ourselves into. Cleaning it up requires critical thinking. It demands seeing the big picture. This project attempts to do so.

“Planet: Critical is one of my favourite podcasts.”

- Alice Friedemann, author of Life After Fossil Fuels

Planet: Critical Podcast

This podcast is a resource of critical interviews with critical thinkers from the frontline of the battle to save our planet. Planet: Critical is home to the world’s best problem-solvers and synthesisers: economists, climate scientists, physicists, politicians, systems scientists, activists, anthropologists, market strategists, engineers.

This is what they have to say:

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“An excellent podcast.”

- Steve Keen, Associate Professor of Economics and Finance

“Planet: Critical is doing great things that deserve a much wider audience.”

- Blair Fix, Political Economist

“Planet: Critical gives an intoxicating level of nuance to the economic/climate crisis we find ourselves in.”

- The Living Philosophy

“A must-listen, intense, and revealing introduction to the coupled ecological and socio-economic issues around climate change.”

- Karl Naumann-Woleske, researcher at NAEC

Climate Corruption Series

These exclusive investigations exposes the world’s worst climate fraudsters: carbon cowboys, greedy elite and dangerous industry-wide greenwashing. Climate corruption is the term I coined for the financial and political corruption driving the climate crisis whilst claiming to be green. These climate fraudsters pose the biggest threat to tackling climate change.

Rachel Donald

I’m a writer and journalist who took a stint away from media to teach politics and journalism at French universities. I returned to launch Planet: Critical and subsequently became producer of the award-winning Radio Free Sarawak and an investigative journalist focusing on climate corruption.

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“Rachel is bright, energetic and knowledgable.”
- Nate Hagens, Post Carbon Institute Fellow

“I found Rachel to be keenly inquisitive and fun to speak with.”
- Carey King, Author of The Economic Superorganism

“Rachel grasps so many concepts across so many areas, and with humor and conversational skills is able to bring out the best in people.”
- Alice Friedemann

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Knowledge is the only renewable fuel we have, and Planet: Critical spreads it like wildfire. No interview will ever be hidden behind a paywall on Planet: Critical. Transcripts are offered to paid subscribers, and their support keeps the information on Planet: Critical available to all. You can also follow Planet: Critical on Youtube and support the project on Patreon.

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