“Planet: Critical has a laser-like focus on whether human civilisation has a sustainable future.”

- Steve Keen, Creator of Building a New Economics

Planet: Critical

With subscribers in more than 130 countries, Planet: Critical is a resource for critical thinking at a critical time. The climate crisis is the result of a failed system. To survive, we must understand the intersection of energy, economics and politics. To thrive, we must build a better world—for everyone.

One of the world's top-rated podcasts on the poly-crisis and systems change, Planet: Critical uncovers the big picture of the climate crisis by mapping the energy, economic and political crises. Each episode is a critical interview with the world’s best scientists, economists, academics, activists, politicians and journalists battling to save our planet.

Alongside each episode is a weekly newsletter exploring the themes, questions and tensions of our global crises, often focusing on power relations, narrative, systems and culture.

Climate Corruption

Planet: Critical is also home to exclusive investigations and analysis of the corruption driving the climate crisis and global geopolitics, including the world exclusive story on the $500 billion off of Gaza’s coast.

About Rachel

“Rachel has an unrivalled capacity for delivering facts and connecting the dots whilst being eloquent, engaging, compassionate, and witty.” - Professor Henrik Nordborg, OST

I investigate why the world is in crisis—and what to do about it.

With world exclusives in major papers, I investigate the gaslighting which props up our broken systems, trying to connect the dots of the big picture. I regularly speak at conferences, have lectured on the relationship between systems and narrative and am currently writing my first book on violence.

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Investigating why the world is in crisis—and what to do about it.


Rachel Donald 

Climate corruption journalist investigating what keeps the world in crisis—and what to do about it.