Jul 28, 2022 • 29M

Let's Talk About Real Zero | Caroline Lucas

Green Party MP on climate action, climate justice and ignorant Tories

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It's a critical time for our planet. We face severe ecological, economic and energy crises. Journalist Rachel Donald interviews experts confronting those crises head on, revealing the big picture of what's really going on.
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Caroline Lucas is the UK Green Party’s first Member of Parliament, elected to represent Brighton and Hove in the 2010 General Election. Caroline has won every subsequent election, increasing her majority each time, and has twice led the Green Party in the UK.


Caroline joins me to discuss the dangerous climate ignorance of the two candidates in the running to become Britain’s next Prime Minister, why net zero isn’t enough, the “immoral” rejection of global climate justice by Western governments, and why we should beware labelling bad decisions by climate-skeptic leaders as merely “incompetent”.

We also discuss the importance of platforming the radical policies happening all over the world. If you haven’t heard the news yet, Chile’s socialist government created an autonomous committee to rewrite their constitution and the proposed section on climate and environment is the most daring bid to tackle the climate crisis I have ever seen. As ever, the solutions are there—and our votes certainly do count.

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