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I enjoyed your discussion very much and am looking forward to reading Mr Stanley Robinson's book!


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“And sometimes it does feel like magical thinking. Other times it's like social planning.”

Between magical thinking and social planning is a radical rethinking at the intersection of art/imagining and philosophy/critical thinking for new learning about the sociology of social decision making to innovate new social structures for social decision making that will be constructed by design to be fit to our purposes, and right for our times in the 21st Century and beyond

That intersection exists in a space of synchronicity between the PUSH of disappointment with what we have now, and the PULL of possibility for what we can make now.

This is a fiduciary space that will be a safe space at the vanguard of public discourse (credit: Rachel) where we can break free of the inherited narrative of Keynesianism vs. Neoliberalism to explore a new way of being human in the world in an economy of popular sufficiency for keeping a good society ongoing into a dignified future, for all, forever, through technological propriety, social equity and habitat longevity for living our best lives in the 21st Century, and beyond.

In that space, we can name that new way The Fiduciary Way, and the write The Story of Now as a hero’s journey to shift the social narrative to this Fiduciary Way.

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