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Hi Rachel,

I've just discovered Planet Critical (amazing how I've missed it to date as I'm pretty tuned in to the climate community on Twitter and elsewhere!). Anyway, loving the podcasts which I'm getting into most afternoons on my long walks before the teaching term starts. Lots of new ideas I'm thinking of inserting into my climate politics lectures. I especially enjoyed Ketan Joshi's interview re fossil fuels and the concept of 'sufficiency'.

Be great to do an interview sometime if you think it would be of interest. I've been researching and writing on the role of business in climate change for 15 years and am the author of several books on the subject including 'Climate Change, Capitalism and Corporations: Processes of Creative Self-Destruction' (Cambridge Uni Press, 2015) and our most recent book 'Organising Responses to Climate Change: The Politics of Mitigation, Adaptation and Suffering' (Cambridge Uni Press, 2023). I'm particularly interested in how the fossil fuel hegemony is maintained (nods to Gramsci) and also the likely futures as corporate and political elites continue to kick the can down the road!

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Dear people from Planet Critical,

I would like to give you some elaborations or questions on the key issue in this global crisis situation that might be of interest..?

To these essential questions, now crucial for a planetary survival, about the core factor in this global crisis situation, which stands in the way of the necessary universal cooperation, as concrete and functioning answers/solutions as possible would have to be found, how this problem constellation could be solved in the short term and fundamentally, in particular to the question 3 in the first document:

'Questions about the role of the world monetary system / world financial system in this global crisis situation'


'What it comes down to now - the role of the 500 largest companies!'


Further questions here: "Appeal for a global peace project !"


or here: https://www.change.org/p/appeal-for-a-global-peace-project/

As a call to the political systems (rulers and people in power) of all countries of this world + responsible institutions, to the UN, finally to all people, to deal with the big questions, to find a suitable, fundamental and systemic solution to the core problem, which can be implemented and functions in the short term; also with regard to the expected collapse of the world civilization, that means among other things the essential production & supply structure, last of every order known to us, into a dystopian (end-time) chaos.

Hence, these questions as a challenge:

Maybe the leaders of the US, China, EU and all the other countries of the world, can do absolutely nothing against planetary and ultimately human self-annihilation for some reason.

What if the political systems, the decision-makers in politics & economics, the elites, the rich & super-rich, cannot act because it is impossible within the monetary system to address or to fight against the threat of human self-annihilation, which as a complex - with its inherent constraints and dynamics - is driving us straight into it?

What if the monetary system cannot be controlled or directed, which has never really succeeded in the entire history of money?

What if it is not due to more or less greedy or evil people, but that the fault, or root cause, is to be found in our organisational tool, in the money or monetary system?

What if we no longer need money or a monetary system because there is a new organisational tool - global networking in connection with digitalisation, which could replace the monetary system globally-simultaneously in one fell swoop in a fairly short preparation time!?

Which contradiction exists in a situation, in which all peoples, all nations, all social strata or classes, finally all people could preserve an existence only in the same way?

(By freeing from the monetary constraints.. if it is achieved as fast as possible that the monetary world system / world financial system as organizational tool and basis is replaced with a pure (non-monetary) global network system!)

Here more elaborations on this global crisis situation:

UN chief António Guterres: Humanity faces collective suicide over climate crisis!'


'The world financial system, the expected collapses and the right strategy!'


'Survival war measures of Humanity - Our last ditch hope!'


or as audio text: https://vimeo.com/546394992

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