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Hi Rachel,

Beautiful episode. Bradford is also one of the guys behind the podcast "Crazy Town" which is occasionally extremely funny and tragic at the same time.

Food is hard. We know how to make moderate amounts of electricity from wind and water using simple technology, but food is not easy. We have an enormous knowledge advantage to medieval peasants and access to many more species, but we also have a total population of 10x.

I recommend the book "Farmers of Forty Centuries", by FH King. He is unfortunately not available for interviews, since he died more than a century ago. He explored how Asian cultures have been able to grow a lot of food on a little land without degrading it, for millennia. We can learn a lot from those experiences.

The most beautiful utopian vision for the future, imho, is the work by David Holmgren, see RetroSuburbia.com



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It is difficult to imagine how such a transition will take place in great scale but it will certainly not be possible without media such as Planet: Critical connecting people with dirt under the fingernails like Jason. Great episode

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Another interesting talk, thanks Rachel. Future food production is something we all need to get our heads round. You might want to talk to Chris Smaje who wrote a book about a 'Small Farm Future'. https://smallfarmfuture.org.uk/?page_id=1637 .

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