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I support the UIN vision in principle having followed the Silence, Complicity and direct Collaboration of the Investor Nations in the rape and plunder of West Papua since 1971. In 1971 I worked as a junior geologist for P.T.Kennecott Indonesia based at Kobakma airstrip in the high country of West Papua. My impression in 1971 was of many new shiny white U.N. Toyota on the road around the capital alongside other new settlers mainly Javanese military or administrative people from the Suharto dictatorship. The U.N. has been fatally flawed in practice around its purpose of disarmament and human rights. West Papua indigenous people has indeed suffered extremely since their then-US dominated, U.N.-sanctioned, incorporation into the Suharto dictatorship. The dynamics of the "resource curse" give West Papua much in common with Tibet. Reference: The Political Ecology of Resource Appropriation and Landscape Consumotion , 2007 PhD thesis by Daniel Franks (Australia). This paper is a meta-study of the resource curse literature, a thesis on the consequent "detachment" of government from the native peoples, with two case studies: West Papua and Chile.

It is a paradox that the Indonesian settler state has forged an indigenous nation by giving both a common language (Bahasa Indonesia) and the common experience of "kinetic" state terrorism response to West Papuan nationalists.

There is already a "charter of human rights and accountability", the Earth Charter. This "soft law" needs you be the Charter for the reform of the U.N. championed by Helen Clarke, former New Zealand head of state and contender for the role of U.N. Secretary General.

Meanwhile, more strength to the UIN movement in which West Papua is center, not the invisible periphery.

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