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Thanks to both of you for a great conversation. I’d just like to suggest to Nafeez that you not dismiss Degrowth. The Degrowth set of ideas are all pulling in the exact same direction as you are, it is just that they are engaging more directly with the outdated endless growth paradigm, which obviously must be transcended for there to any hope of a stable future. It is like Rachel said on this episode; the transition phase will necessarily involve engagement with the incumbent structures. This includes (and probably begins with) a robust critique. Degrowth is forcing this critique into the mainstream and laying a paradigmatic foundation for the alternatives.

If you think Degrowth is actually unnecessary then that is different. But that didn’t seem to be your suggestion. My understanding is that the consensus is that degrowth is basically axiomatic at this point, I.e. current levels of material and energy throughput must shrink to some extent while also aiming for global equality.

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