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What a clear-eyed exposition of the way forward. On a personal basis I was dubious about Corbyn. He seemed to represent a regression to the 70's militant left that just seemed about ranting angrily in learned phrases that had no common meaning (I was a sheltered 19 yr old!). In the intervening years I have realised how groomed I have been by the establishment. I've never voted Tory but for all its apparent faults I supported the system. I don't know if this is just a personal journey or if this is a time in which the scales are falling from people's eyes generally but I'm on board with the Green Democratic Revolution. Up the Reds! - or is it the Greens?

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Off topic but I just wanted to say it was such a nice surprise to see you on that Novara segment!

Well done you : )

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Oh this was an excellent and very useful interview.

What I would love is for there to be Green Democratic Revolution hubs across the country where one could offer support, help spread knowledge and show solidarity.

I think so much of the progressive ideas which ‘the vast majority of voters on both left and right support’, is a lack of something tangible and real world to follow up with. So even the most optimistic sort of assume this is all brain stuff and needs to take place at some higher level where they don’t have access. We can’t even start asking for it if we do not start the uniting process, so we need citizen assemblies to be set up by citizens (not government yet I’ll bet 😅) that collect grievances and ideas and start asking TOGETHER for local, national and global solutions. With the media as it is we simply can’t make any noise, or even find each other in a sea of slightly alternating viewpoints.

I suggest We need inclusive hubs that leave superficial difference at the door and collect myriad social groups under the banner of “ENOUGH! GDR NOW!”

Singing together

‘The times, they are a-changin’

I hope and dream...

Rachel I would love you to suggest and broadcast any such organisational options that you come across in your travels that might end up as the seed for this, and ask your guests for the same.

We the people are stuck at home without a map, inspired by stories but not knowing how to help, (or even shout) effectively.


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All of your claims are correct and incredibly well stated. There is one piece of your verbiage that you and others constantly use incorrectly.

Rape and pillage is not capitalism.

Capitalism requires a buy definition free market and thoughtfully instituted consumer protection.

The United States has neither. Therefore obviously our economic model certainly not capitalism.

A true capitalist would employ a biodynamic closed system where the left over or “waste“ products from one enterprise is a valuable input for another adding enterprises until the final enterprise contributes something valuable to the original.

A by definition capitalist would steward capital wisely and sustainably. Therefore, never bereft of capital.

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