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Jon also said, "If we are going to shift our paradigm, we need to have a new paradigm to shift to."

This is the overlooked role of Art, Science, Imagination and that wonderful phrase from Samuel Taylor Coleridge, "a willing suspension of disbelief". This is the social space in which we need to hold the social tension that defines in many ways our uniquely human way of being in the world, between connection to what we have and innovation of what we need.

What do we need to fill that space of suspended disbelief with today?

What innovation do we need to successfully negotiate our way through the cascading cavalcade of social failings we have inherited from the 20th Century?

What do we need to innovate?

The social structures for social decision making that we inherited from the 20th Century, along with the social failings those social structures created and could not be used to solve. That is what we need to innovate. Those social structures for social decision making that are no longer fit to the purpose of making the social decisions we need to be making in our changing times in the 21st Century.

The most important of those social structures in a jaw-cracking, mind-bending, tongue twister: the Financialization of Fiduciary Money.

Fiduciary Money is the tens of trillions of society's shared savings that we aggregated, collectively, worldwide, all through the 20th Century, into social superfunds for retirement income security into the future (pensions) and income security into the future for civil society (endowments).

Fiduciary is legal for caring; a legal duty to care.

But we have this money we aggregated for caring trapped in a system of share price trading that is created by design to be uncaring, tyrannized by the uncaring demand of The Growth Imperative for unqualified growth in the volume of transactions, measured in money: unqualified growth in money, and share prices expressed in money. This is the Financializaiton of Fiduciary Money,

What might we do if we set this Fiduciary Money free from Financializaiton, and set it instead on a properly authentic path towards caring?

Can we open some space in our imaginations where we will suspend our disbelief about the possibility of doing this long enough to see just how truly easy - and amazing - that will be?

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