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I think you, Rachel, are getting closer to the truth but you aren't there yet because you believe in a centralized solution. The centralization is the problem and even if more reasonable minds are able to "take control", it won't last long because the bills have to be paid.

Problem is money and hierarchy which have produced a dilemma.

The hierarchy was built for exploitation and will continue until this is all wiped out and can no longer support a hierarchy is my take.

But who knows what will actually happen!

Once and awhile I point to those with money and type people who use money to buy food are useless eaters with the idea of growing their own food so they wouldn't be a consumer of the system. Might not be a joke to the people who have been forcibly removed though..

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Hey Rick, thanks for upgrading.

I agree centralisation is a huge problem. However, I think a centralised response which protects the right for localised action and organisation is key. When up against such centralised power the response needs to be equally strategic. I think it would be useful to be aware of the likely necessity to dismantle those systems in the future—I just don't think we're there yet.

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