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"Mankind is quite literally out to destroy the only life that we know of in the universe. "

I disagree. I feel that the better story is that we are standing today at the creative edge of the new reality that Nature is vast, and so now, are we, and we are flailing around trying to figure out what new learning is needed for us to innovate and evolve prosperous adaptations to this change in our changing times.

The 20th Century was a century of failed experiments. First, two industrialized wars fought on a global scale, and the rebuilding thereafter. Not a good strategy. Then Space. Also not good. Then, the Suburbs. Another dud. Now we are running into proof that stripping 19th Century Progress of its humanity and reducing everything to simple mathematical increases in transaction volumes measured in prices paid in money, from one period of measurement to the next, is also not a good strategy.

What's next?

Well, in the 20th Century we innovated the solution. But we left it half-finished, and then gave it over to the great experiment with Growth.

In the 21st Century, we have to course correct, to finish the job.

That job is figuring out how to deploy tens of trillions in society's shared savings aggregated, collectively, worldwide, to sustain the provisioning into the future of Retirement (pensions) and Civil Society (endowments) as financing for enterprise to shape an economy of sufficiency for keeping a good society ongoing into a dignified future, for all, forever, through technological propriety, social equity and habitat longevity in the 21st Century, and beyond...

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