Save The Forests To Save The Planet | Anastassia Makarieva

Theoretical physics is proving forests are the lungs and beating heart of the planet—so why aren't we doing more to protect them?


What’s theoretical physics got to do with trees? Everything.

Life on this planet is in grave danger. While life does what it can to self-regulate (breaking the second law of thermodynamics to do so), when environments become disturbed beyond repair, the “biota” breaks down exponentially. To physicist Anastassia Makarieva, this is the reality of climate change.

Anastassia has dedicated her life to understanding the biota and, more specifically, how the world’s forests regulate not just themselves but the water system of the entire planet. Alongside her colleagues, Anastassia is desperately trying to raise awareness of the dangers of disturbing the world’s forest, especially the Boreal forest, which despite being the largest on the planet is often forgotten about.

She says stopping logging overnight would have the biggest impact on reducing climate change. So why isn’t anyone listening?


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