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Another important podcast helping to define what needs to be at the vanguard of public discourse: money and finance and personal agency in money and finance for shaping our future in the 21st Century.

Indra takes us tantalizingly close to this frontier at about 38:30, when she talks about "A missing social architecture for the agency of human beings", but then she shies away, despite Rachel's earlier prodding to consider the importance of finance, limiting our field of possibilities to what we already not really new: "The current structures [of] business or government…" and "socio-economic-political", leaving off the financial.

Probably because we are taught to believe that we do not have a say in how the money gets made to move. Who teaches us to believe that? The people who currently control how the money gets made to move.

Are we really OK with that?

I cannot but believe that Rachel senses that the missing architecture must be about Money, and Finance, because we cannot truly have agency in Power, Politics and Possibility unless and until we also have agency in Money and Finance.

What is the architecture that will give us that agency?

I feel that Rachel is passionate about driving us in search of that architecture.

I hope that she is.

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