Thank YOu.

I am frustrated by moneyed agendas that drive events you report. I hope to hear, economy vs the greater good, is no longer the paradox that traps humanity on the rails to extinction. I read about decisions made by those in power, knowing there is not representative governance on the planet. We the majority are teased with the ideals of compromised, democratic representation, while elected representatives are lobbied by elite paying individuals to act as the puppet in the show we call governance. Are there stories where we see pushback of corporate mandate?

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If I feel so outraged not only by the deliberate killing of so many people but also by the self-serving support of the Israeli government displayed by politicians around the world I cannot begin to think how those directly affected must feel. Perhaps, numb. Making a joke of it as Hamza Ali Shah's family do because to acknowledge and feel the truth of it would destroy you - or make you want to retaliate. To kill the killers. In which case you have to adopt that same view that they are less than human and no form of death is too terrible and the bit of humanity you retained through your oppression is finally lost. And you have become your enemy. The Israeli government, Hamas, the IRA, the UDF, the Serbs, the Croats - the list is endless. Will we never learn?

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I enjoyed this episode, and found it generally well balanced and considered. I’m really glad Rachel specifically brought up Hamas, but I found his response woefully inadequate and I really

want to hear more Palestinians talk about Hamas and their actions, both recent and in the past. It is telling that they have far less support in Gaza where they actually hold power than in the West Bank.

I do not think you can call the actions of October 7th anything akin to freedom fighters with reprehensible methods. They weren’t in any way helping to overthrow oppression, there was no aim to help their social political cause, they were intentionally raping, torturing and butchering families in their homes - which only makes sense when you understand the viewpoint of jihad.

The discussion of the West Bank and the first hand detail was very welcome and illuminating and again a context of this conflict which cannot be ignored.

Excellent episode 👌

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hey, i’m deaf and want to access these voice clips and it’s not accessible with closed captions. how can i access a transcript of the discussion? or is there a way to download this as a video, so i can translate it on @getcaptionsapp? thanks

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Spotify offers „read-along“ as a beta version right now

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Yes there are stories of pushback, but we are in all countries controlled by the promise we will not be heard or seen (true in that the capitalist controlled media establishments do not spread our peaceful messages, then our even louder demonstrations and then when we turn to rioting, they say see "These people's? They are hysterical and unreasonable and thugs, we are justified in brutalizing them and locking them up. They are not good citizens!" Even as the reverse is true.

There is honestly no way to approach and be heard by disingenuous capitalist governments such as this world has. This world, no matter the ethnicity, religion or color is controlled by greedy capitalists. We citizen IN the world are of little consequence to those ON the world except in what they can take from us. Even if some of us turn to violence, that only enriches them.

I now understand why so many voice the fear that this U.S. country will have a civil war. The White Evangelicals have been infiltrating all levels of our government, even the military. This corporate government has prepared for the contingency of civilian revolt. Just as Northern Palestine controlled by Zion has been prepared for and let the prison uprising to happen when it did.

China and other countries have huge prisons, most in use now with plenty of space. Just as Zion had been planning with the Western Capitalist powers ever since before 1947. And we were being programmed even then for what's happening now. The U.S. even rolled over on it's back for the Zionists. Sacrificing sailors and a high technology ship to Zion's demonstration of who pulls the leash after they stole nuclear weapons technology from us.

Believe me, I have nothing but love and empathy for true Jews. I do, however, have NONE for Zionists Fascists. I know that Zionists would and have done to Jews what they are doing to Palestinians in Palestine. Zionists are no different than the Nazis they so admired during the 1930s and 1940s.

Let's get this straight. There is NO Israel or Israelites. They are hundreds if not thousands of years gone. Just like for ALL tribes of men, the world is changed and can't go back. There are only DNA strands left of the Neanderthals. They cannot be brought back and given a Homeland. What nonsense for Zionists to think they can snap their fingers and all will be as in a fairy tale. They aren't even extinct like the Neanderthals, they never existed. (At least I don't believe they ever had outside of a fever dream.)

So, No More Calling Northern Palestine the fairytale Israel. There IS NO Israel.

There are however Jews and I honor them, love them and empathize with the suffering they have endured for centuries. This, I think, is the result of the capitalist power struggle caused by Catholicism and other religions fighting for a slice of the pie. I don't know.

I do know that the religions are greedy for power over people, complete power and will spread all manner of lies to gain or hold that power. There are so many different power hungry religions, Modi is an awful terrorist causing the deaths and barbarism in India against Muslems and Christians. China against Muslems. These awful pretenders to seats of power must have a pecking order. They must turn their subjects against one another.

Just as the Zionists have been doing since learning the fascist way from Mussolini and Hitler.

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