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Yes, we have the capacity to deny reality, and this has disastrous ecological consequences. But it’s not the whole story.

I have developed education tools for personal conversations that only bring people into reality with our existential emergency, but also enable people to grasp the systemic drivers that make things worse.

People are waking up, and there is a great deal that we can do collectively to better manage our descent to a steady state economy.

I’d love to talk!

Andrew Gaines

Inspiring Transition



Greta Thunberg will have reason to hope when she sees that mainstream society is committed to turning things around.

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On the subject of denying vs. dealing with our mortality, someone who speaks very eloquently on this subject is Sheldon Solomon. He is also a very entertaining speaker if you can get him on this podcast.

I listened to this shortly after listening to Nate Hagens speaking with Gareth Williams. I was really struck by the level of 'irrational optimism' I was hearing in that conversation, which seemed to bear out what Ajit Varki was saying.

I wonder whether male/female or at least masculine/feminine is also a continuum. Female leaders might not always exhibit the traits we associate with Jacinda Ardern. Think Truss, Patel, Braverman and Thatcher.

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