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The expertise of foresight futurism sounds like an important part of the new ecosystem of prudent stewardship we need to be building around our institutional fiduciary owners of Intergenerational Fiduciary Money - our Pensions & Endowments!

After sharing with us the work Jigsaw Foresight did with The Law Society, Wendy generously extends an open invitation for people to share thoughts on what they might have missed.

My thought is that these focusing questions still need to be addressed:

Who decides?

Who decides who decides?

How do we hold our deciders accountable for the decisions that they make with the authority we give them?

We have a plethora of new social narratives on Climate, 
Pandemics, Populism and Political Discord and other threads in the polycrises of our times.

Many competing narratives of these parallel crises are calling on us for attention, so that we can take action. Each of these diverse crises have their root in one shared crisis. A crisis of social narrative, about being human together in society through economy, in our changing times.

Because our times have changed., but our social narratives of social decision making have not.

I talk about narrative, not systems. Because we can make changes to a system, and still keep the same basic system. When we change the narrative, we get a new narrative.

And that is what we need. A whole new narrative.

Work sponsored by the WEALL Alliance talks about social narratives taking the form of Crisis > Awakening > Collective Action.

In our times, the crisis is time.
 The crisis is scale.
The crisis is narratives, about scale and time, and being human at the scale, and in the time of our changing times, in the 21st Century, and beyond.

The Awakening is to the failure of our currently popular social narratives of Neoliberalism.

The Collective Action is a new 21st Century Global Citizenship in a new 21st Century Global Commons of Fiduciary Money mobilized to finance fiduciary-grade social contracts between enterprise and popular choice for shaping an economy of technological sufficiency, social equity and habitat longevity for living our best lives in the 21st Century, and beyond…

Foresight futurism has much to contribute to that new citizenship!

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