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This conversation took actual effort and patience to follow but totally worth the time and investment.

Thank you so much.

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There is so much in this episode that it's going to take many listens. I got to about episode 20 in John's 50 part series about a year ago, but got a bit lost, so it was really useful to hear this distilled version. I think this goes hand in hand with the Jeremy Lent episode. If people individually and collectively have lost the meaning of their existence and grip on reality, how can they be expected to engage with, or even care about the existential problems we face.

Question: Is it possible to describe meaning without using the word "meaning"?

I'd be interested to know if John was talking about something specific when he said that he was witnessing a new movement of meaning growing..not his exact words, or was it a general impression. I heard someone once describe this as being like mycelium, a vast network growing underground, that we don't see or perceive until at some point like magic, the fruiting bodies will start to appear.

As always, insightful and searching questions from the interviewer. Even John was impressed.

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What if one way for humanity to resolve our meaning crisis in the 21st Century is through a new public discourse about fiduciary/non-fiduciary, as new 21st Century Global Citizens in a new 21st Century Global Commons of Fiduciary Money; and one of the transformations we have to go through as society to arrive at this new process of collective wisdoming about fiduciary/non-fiduciary is a radical rethinking of our received wisdom about the social structures through which humans in society make social decisions?

To talk about talking about money, and finance and enterprise, and how we shape our economy and society, as one way to wisdom runs against the conventional wisdom that money is the anti-wisdom, but what if money is actually the fundamental no-thing of human being in the 21st Century (money does not exist in Nature: it is a nothing; it exists only as an agreement within a society; as a relationship between people who may not have any other relationship connecting them but their shared participation in commercial/financial exchanges) that connects us all as Earthlings collaboratively co-creating, out of the world of Nature into which we all are born, the world of technology solutions in which we live, for living our best lives?

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