I love your show so much.

I really enjoyed this episode which provided a much needed, in my view, way of looking at population where the discussion often degenerates into accusing people concerned about the issue of wanting to control people or proscribe behaviors and how that often veers close to racism etc.

There have been some unseemly things in the past that occurred that many view negatively for good reason. But providing information and stories that help people into to a different way of thinking is such a good cause - providing people with information and resources from a place of caring.

Thank you for highlighting this organization.

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Some counties are underpopulated and some are overpopulated. Somehow people in first world countries are under the impression it's up to them to decide that the 'global population' [a mind-construct] is too big and somehow it's also up to them to find solutions on behalf of everyone globally for this supposed crisis that they have identified as a crisis from their ivory towers, but without consulting the peoples of the world on whose behalf they are in the process of finding solutions …

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In global crises reports and the discussions that follow, the human inhabitants of Earth are often referred to as 'the global population' or 'our global civilization'. Yet, there are almost 200 countries and territories in the world, all of them with different population numbers, different population densities, different fertility rates, different consumption rates and different life expectancies. Consequently the idea that humanity is one collective, whether demographically, geographically, culturally or socially is very far removed from practically observable reality.

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