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Mike Joy hit on something I've thought for a while, that if we did come up with limitless energy such as nuclear fusion, it would actually be a tragedy as it would just accelerate the rest of the harm. We need to learn some restraint first..maybe give it another couple of hundred years.

Real Cop? What an excellent idea!

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That was an enjoyable conversation to listen to.

You guys went everywhere - which made it really interesting.

The ideas at the end are spot on, I'd love to see them come about.

Thanks as always!

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Just my lonely opinion. No political solution, all that politics is is a means to control the flow of resources.

The solution is for people to grow the food they eat. I'm doing it, its not that hard with the right design. But of course, the fascists control land production and people have largely lost that access (to land). That is the hang up. If you are political for social land reform then maybe.

This planet will die out because no one wants to grow the food they eat, even most people who grow food do so to sell it.

Excellent guest, he is right on point.

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Platform Dr Christine Jones since you are a proponent of regen ag.

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It's so peculiar that a dedicated observer of connected impacts of our planetary overshoot would miss the central driving compound growth cause of them all. It's of course not just Mike, but the entire sustainability culture, not seeing that to reduce the growing systems we need to both directly address them, and their endlessly multiplying cause... https://synapse9.com/_r3ref/100CrisesTable.pdf

Heaven help us if we don't have a dramatic change of heart and start addressing the whole problem, by redirecting the resources going into endless growth for use instead to care for the system that growth built.

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