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"The story I’d like to tackle today is the story of work."

Another story we need to tackle is the story of enterprise, of working together, of collaborating to put learning about the way the world around us works, and how we can change the way the world works to make it work more a way we choose to make it, through work; of shaping surpluses through shared work to create an abundance of possible solutions to one or another of the everyday needs of everyday people living our everyday lives, so that we may live, live well and live with dignity.

The story of enterprise leads to the story of finance, of aggregating small surpluses to shape large surpluses that can support large enterprise and many people working together to do big work that shapes big surpluses for much abundance that can be shared among many people within the artificial world of technology/work solutions that we shape for ourselves in which to live out of the world of Nature into which we all are born through personal and individual participation in networks of connections for completing transactions for the exchange of surplus artifacts of human ingenuity and initiative to collaboratively co-curate a safe and dignified house for humanity for living our best lives, at the time, and under the circumstances, through technological propriety, social equity and habitat longevity within built environments of Urban, Rural, Curated and Left Alone landscapes that we are constantly reconstituting as times change and humanity evolves prosperous adaptations to life’s constant changes, through inquiry, insight, new learning and new enterprise, making new technologies more popular as better fit to changing times, while letting previously popular technologies fade into history as a good fit at an earlier time, through the agency, authority and accountability of Civil Society, Finance, Enterprise and Government as the institutional social architectures through which society makes social decisions.

Civil Society and Finance are "the missing social architectures of agency for human beings" (Indra Adnan). We need to discover them, and tell their story.

In that story we will find "the story of "the old future", and the story of the bright new future we can choose, with a little work!

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