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Solutions, answers and silver bullets...we only have to fix education, media, politics, food, democracy, religion, industry, but most of all carbon, and it'll all be ok.

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Yeah, agree. The infrastructure we’re dealing with mostly can’t be bent to the society we want. It’ll probably have to break in many ways.

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Including getting rid of cars

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I’d love to get rid of the need for cars (and therefore cars) via localization and land-based living. The only vehicles we may still need are for transporting medical goods (could trains fit the bill?) and light industrial equipment for small-scale manufacturing. I’m cool with living like a peasant, but want to know that emergency surgery is still an option, so probably ambulances are still needed.

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Sorry without fossil fuels there is no Medical equipment. Everything is made of fossil fuels. 100%. We should have saved a litle for anesthetics and simple surgery . We will leave no petroleum for our youngsters. Healthcare is becoming more and more elitistic. Healthcare i USA is 20% of BNP but is becoming more and more unafordabel.

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What if there's more than just political lies about climate change? Could mainstream science have been mistaken that it's NOT possible to create energy, but only to transfer it from one source to another?

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Not only that, I think there's more to it than politics and mistakes of science. It seems like most people believe that the impossible can never be possible. But, here's a hint of an idea that you have never heard of, well, most likely. "How far can a bubble go up, and can it be used to create energy?" Think about it, okay

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If it's possible to create cheap energy for everyone, it would probably break a lot of things, but I bet it would fix the carbon problem. Is it too late to save anything? I hope not.

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Nikola Tesla had the answer to that question.

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I just looked that up and I think you might be right. There could be other ideas that also work. I have a couple of concepts, and I've seen a movie that tries to debunk, but ends up promoting it. It's called ... "A Machine to Die For ".

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Vivid analogy. And totally agree it’s long pat time for women to lead. It makes me curious, how would you extend this analogy for a scenario / vision of a more beautiful future?

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IS this really "a call for women to lead"? I used to hold similar hopes, but reality has since forcefully intervened.

Hillary? Kamala? Maddy Albright? Condi Rice? Golda Meir? Ursula Von der Leyen? Maggie Thatcher? Nikki Haley? Nancy Pelosi? Kardashians as role models for the majority of "fashionable" young women? (Excuse my overly-USA centered perspective, but I live in that particular ward of the disintegrating mad house that masquerades as a "civilization".)

Worldwide, what about the millions of women who continually, actively, affirmatively vote to install the politicians who front for the interests that are barbecuing the planet over the inferno of modern industrialism, imperialism, total surveillance, unrelenting propaganda, and greed?

The female of our species is no savior from the system they also have been slovenly, absentmindedly supporting, every bit as fanatically as the males.

But please inform me. Exactly who do you have in mind? Past, present, or future?

Maybe one of the girls from "The Squad", that tiny, "progressive", democratic sorority in the USA congress? Latterly expanded to the accurate, revised title of "The Fraud Squad"?

This article is a recommendation for a total revolution in politics, economics, industry, philosophy, psychology, spirituality, and every major & minor institution that humanity has instituted. I'm not certain that list goes far enough.

I am currently reduced to a final hope for intervention from a most authoritative, but most unlikely source. What is it about the recently recognized Alien presence that is causing our current "elite leadership" to attempt to blithely ignore the consequences of contact with a genuine "advanced civilization"? Can the Aliens provide the successful blueprint for attaining a true Civilization? And might not, must not, that prescription be adapted to our peculiarities as humans to overthrow the current insanity?

Predictably, it is currently dead-on-arrival because our Rulers, our Bosses, the oligarchy, refuse to stand down. They refuse to relent from enforcing planetary suicide and allow Earth to be rescued from their obvious madness and ongoing sabotage of Life at all levels on the planet?

Maybe someone can encourage me with a better possibility? But I think its down to the last straw. Why are the Aliens being "cancelled" by the media and the world's governments? Their presence is almost as fundamental a fact of import to our species future success as the discovery & control of fire. Who gains by the childlike refusal to acknowledge and study the reality of their presence? Time to act like adults and demand the truth. The Revolution begins with an open, televised, public meeting with The Aliens.

. . . or keep acting like children and obey your superiors as you are further exploited without your informed consent; in other words, accept the status quo, Chump.

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Lol dude aliens???

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Continues to make my day. Peace brother. I don’t think the aliens are here I’m sorry 🙏 we gotta figure this one out without them, and without lashing out at each other, or seeking external, let alone imaginary- solutions. Best of luck out there🏄🏼‍♀️

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Oh this made my day. Thanks for the chuckle.

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You are either an ignoramus, or an ally of oligarchy. I don't engage with either. Fuck off, pal.

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Francis, you would rather have alien overlords than give women a chance to lead. We can all see who the ignoramus is

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A very poor effort from "Buddha".

What is that icon? Are you asking "What is the sound of one hand clapping?" Ask I Ching to opine on my Comment. You'll probably be rebuffed by the response.

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Just to show your sloppy "logic", . . . I'll respond just once.

Whatever "blueprint" that may be elicited from Aliens, I specifically said that it would have to be "adapted to our peculiarities as humans". You missed that, or your skill in reading comprehension failed you.

As for women leadership, I did not say one word to denigrate the concept. All I did was to isolate some recent female failures in that arena and question how appropriate it may be to still believe that somehow merely being female bestows some superiority, strictly by virtue of gender.

I asked for contrary examples to the customary, malignant male outcomes. Care to provide a few? Can you provide a few? Someone known on a national scale, of course.

I'm guessing "No".

You have not demonstrated your intelligence yet. Please give it a try, Chump.

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Once again, sent to Dylan.

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This reply is sent to Dylan alone.

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In Norway the female politival figuren are the worst.

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Exactly! Capitalism must be abolished!

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. . . Well, yes. That seems obvious, . . . but THEN what?

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Interesting you asked that, reminding me of Frederic Jameson’s quip that it’s easier to imagine the end of the world than then end of capitalism…

I think Ms. Donald’s call for us to organize anew is exactly urging us to imagine and to realize a new way of co-existence, post-capitalism! So needed.

It is incredibly human (and “small”) to want panacea, silver bullets, solutions, all the while having schism on “which is the best way(s)” and missing the point of having fundamental shakeups. One thing I’m struggling with is how to convince people entrenched in this neoliberal suicidal machine (lmao everyone and their fathers in my MBA program) to just slow down and choose life over accumulated legal tender bringing in illusion of easy living… I mean personally I am also a big fan of the Nap Ministry’s work 🙀 Sorry if I rambled on a bit.

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Oh I love a fun analogy, passionate and entertaining.

Yes, let women take control away from the lunatics, please!

*Just be sure that they're not of the same ilk as the maladroit bastards that got us into this mess.

Thanks Rachel.

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What a great analogy article Rachel 👏 getting everyone talking too, even if it’s about aliens sometimes...

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You are talking smack to insist upon reducing the range of possible truths; coming from a guy who openly promotes his affiliation with I Ching? Meditate on that, Buddha Buddy.

I must assume that your certainty of the absence of Alien contact & presence is based on newsprint and commentary sourced from the same authoritative wing of government that has recently backtracked to admit that their initial denials were false.

The main difference on which point of view to accept revolves around which one of the following two suppositions seem to be most likely;

1) in this vast Universe, humans represent the exclusive domain of advanced consciousness;

2) in this vast Universe, Aliens exist and we are not alone;

I go with the second proposition, as do many millions of modern people on our planet. In the USA, two-out-of-three say they believe Aliens exist. Worldwide, it’s around 50—50.

The big joke is that you think the argument has been settled.

(Let you in on a secret, . . . I’ve been consulting I Ching for over fifty years. Maybe more years than you’ve been alive, chuckle chuckle. )

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What an evocative read!

Your analogy of our planet as a household in peril not only lays bare the urgency but does it with a narrative flair that’s as unsettling as it is vivid. If only our leaders were as adept at managing crises as they are at mismanaging everything else!

Isn’t it ironic that those who’ve spent decades playing with the thermostat now find the heat unbearable? Perhaps it’s time they step aside and let those traditionally in charge of ‘household management’ take the reins.

After all, if the house is on fire, you don’t wait for the arsonist to grab a bucket; you call in the experts! Here’s hoping we can swap out those who’ve been fanning the flames for those ready to genuinely clean house.

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As a male with a newsletter focused on "solutions" to the challenges we face with biodiversity loss, climate change and water management, I think I'll let myself out! 😳😔😉

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Haha! I had a few connections write me saying they felt the "male" focus—it wasn't my intent when writing it!

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No offence taken. All said in jest. I’m much too young to be one of the offenders 😉

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Planet:Critical can be marvelously Planet: Poetical. A timely provocation of necessary conversation inevitably attracts all sorts. The technocratic, the nihilistic and even the sinister AI operatives. Rachel your resort today to poetics speak to my condition this morning here in the Old Empire's Antipides. There is something intensely revealing, pathological, delegitimising and omnicidal signified in the grinding daily obscenity of the Gaza genocide. We must identify but also live the questions, which today includes great sensitivity in discourse and solidarity in action with the Greta Generation, especially those cracking up alone. No One Alone. Compassion Not Capitalism.

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Thank you so much, Alistair. I wholeheartedly agree.

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Imagine all the 'solutions' in the world are made of LEGO. Put all of these 'solutions' into a big virtual bucket and shaking it up so that the component parts separate into colors and sizes and functions. What are the common elements or the largest parts that all or most solutions contain? Now gather these components together, build a system that caters for these components and call it a commons economy. Clearly the men in the room have disproportionately contributed to the problem (look around today), so start with women doing the shaking and selecting and designing a new system. #yeswecan (we are working on something like this at #costcarbon)

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You tell 'em Rachel! Get yer Irish up! Thanks for the lovely simile.

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At risk of sounding like I'm mansplaining and with being 'male, pale & stale' :)

We've been fiercely egalitarian for 94% of our time on the planet as hunter-gatherer communities. The last 12k years we've been hierarchical.

All mammals have a 'dominance behaviour system' and its opposite, 'involuntary defeat system' which is triggered when you receive power or experience being dominated. One of the emergent properties of hierarchy in a complex evolving system, is that the dark tetrad of personality traits, appear to rise to the top.

Granted there have been mainly male dominated societies, our ideas of democracy originated from Greece and it was certainly not a nice place to live unless you were a male in high society. However, you only have to look at female leaders from Thatcher/Braverman/Truss and beyond to realise it's not about men or women, it's about hierarchy.

When institutions like the military or business organisations, need to get 'sh*t' done in a hurry, those institutions create networks of small self organising, egalitarian teams.

They usually operate at the liminal edges and are kept separate from the main organisations, as you don't want too many people challenging the status-quo. :))

I think the problem we have is that societies are resisting taking responsibility for themselves.

I'm not sure we can do this peacefully?

In an AI driven world which will diminish the middle class, we're just heading backwards to a neo-techno feudalism?

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True. Absolutly true. It is also true that the 99% is worse than acquiescent - it is too distracted by entertainment and consumer-dreamin' to think at all, much less to think act cooperatively.

Let the fever break. Billions will die -- but so will the system. If it kills itself quickly enough, maybe something worth saving will survive. Otherwise, the longer the vile gods of greed endure, the more absolute the self-extermination will be. Perhaps that would be a good thing. I am still troubled by the idea that humanity could have been better - an perhaps still could be.

Violent revolution? Why? The second 8 billion people realize humanity is one and always has been, then there will be a time to hope - now there is only time for shame.

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Warning. Long post.

I agree things are a mess - I disagree about being agnostic about solutions. At least on some of the things while we work on the others.

If we break down the whole mess into its parts and tackle them one by one, there are at least some solutions. Clean energy. Clean food that's just about here - like precision fermentation and dried seaweed powder. Just 2% of the world's oceans could provide all the protein we need for 12 BILLION people. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2022/jun/01/sea-forest-better-name-seaweed-un-food-adviser

This while creating habitat and food for tiny fish at the base of the food chain, and even deacidifying the local water.

If precision fermentation really takes off - this 'electric food' could scale to the point where it is so cheap it mostly shuts down grazing. That's 34% of the arable and back to forests - enough habitat for all and enough trees to sequester ALL historical industrial carbon!

Then we could have a massive increase in National Parks and other habitat conservation schemes. NGO's buying and maintaining private land even seem to peform better at biodiversity conservation than National Parks! https://www.notion.so/NGO-s-are-doing-better-conservation-72d2585382df45fc814d5c3b54e3f6af

The economic system needs a few changes - with more German-like Mittelstand family-owned firms rather than Corporations. These firms do not have to report 'growth' to their shareholders - they can just work at good products and services for their customers rather than having to have to be perceived as growing through the roof. Or even better - Worker's Democratic Co-ops. The main reason I started with Mittlestand is so that people could hear what I'm saying without immediately accusing me of being a full Socialist. Worker's Co-ops. That's what I'm FOR.

"Political gridlock on climate?" Sure. But the market is FRANTIC for more renewables and EV's and is growing so fast the IEA says there will be an oil GLUT by 2028. 4 years. It's not long to wait!

Peak CO2 emissions by 2030. Growing 2 or 3 TIMES faster than the Paris agreement by 2030! https://pv-magazine-usa.com/2023/12/25/all-i-want-for-christmas-is-one-terawatt-of-solar-deployed-annually/

Sorry - what gridlock again?

"Or the debt bondage that keeps the global south trapped in poverty? The political hierarchy that means the world’s most war-mongering country calls the shots?"

That is going to take a LOT of work - I agree. All the more reason to get out there and encourage the right things while fighting the wrong things. You seem to want to tear down any hope in the right things I've listed above? Everything is bad. Tear it ALL down.

"How about resource scarcity for an energy transition?"

Here we go again. As I keep saying - there IS NO resource scarcity for the energy transition. Just production hiccups. (Simon Michaux chose to rant and rave about 5 minerals that the energy transition doesn't EVEN NEED IN THE FIRST PLACE!) So - once again - a quick tour of the technologies and brands that substitute the rare for the super-abundant!

SOLAR PANELS: 95% of solar panel brands are normal crystalline cells that already avoid ANY rare-earths or Critical Minerals by using silicon - which is 27% of the Earth’s crust, and aluminium 8% and some silver or copper to send the electricity out.



THIN FILM is the only sector with rare earth issues. But they’re only 5% of the solar panel market for special niches. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_panel#Technology

WIND TURBINES - are made from iron - 5% of the earth’s crust, aluminium, and fibreglass blades - that’s polyester resin and glass fibres. We can even recycle these blades now.

Wind generators WITHOUT rare-earth magnets are now a thing:- http://www.offshorewind.biz/2022/07/28/15-mw-rare-earth-free-offshore-wind-turbine-seeks-path-to-market/

Niron Magnetics: https://www.nironmagnetics.com/

This next one has radically reinvented their turbine. Instead of requiring the usual quarterly service, 4 times annually for 25 to 30 years - these parts NEVER need servicing! http://newsreleases.sandia.gov/turbine_innovation/

LITHIUM RESERVES: We have 22 million tons of lithium reserves. If we save it for EV’s (and use other grid storage - see below), at 8kg per EV it’s enough for 2.75 BILLION EV’s, twice what we need. https://www.popularmechanics.com/science/energy/a42417327/lithium-supply-batteries-electric-vehicles/

ALSO - MOST CITY DRIVING does not need higher-range lithium - but could be cheaper lower range sodium (sea salt). The average Australian passenger car drives only 11,100 km per year - or 30.5 km a day. https://www.abs.gov.au/statistics/industry/tourism-and-transport/survey-motor-vehicle-use-australia/latest-release

ALTERNATIVES FOR GRID STORAGE: SODIUM batteries are great for the first few hours, as it is 30% cheaper than lithium, operates in a much greater temperature range, and is thermally stable (doesn’t suddenly burst into flames). We're not going to run out of sea-salt and agri-waste. For longer storage use OFF-river pumped hydro. Worldwide there are over 100 TIMES more potential sites than we need. Pick your best 1% and you’re done! https://re100.eng.anu.edu.au/pumped_hydro_atlas/

ELECTRIC MOTORS: Valeo have a rare-earth free electric motor. https://www.valeo.com/en/catalogue/pts/high-voltage-rare-earth-free-electric-motor/

TESLA are working on one - prototype due mid 2024? https://www.carwow.co.uk/tesla/news/5220/new-tesla-ev-compact-electric-car-hatchback-price-specs-release-date

It’s a trend across the industry with Tesla, BMW, General Motors, Borgwarner, Jaguar & Land Rover, Tata, ZF, Vitesco, Renault, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Bentley, Marelli and Eurogroup Laminations all working on it. https://www.reuters.com/business/autos-transportation/automakers-suppliers-pushing-cut-rare-earths-evs-2023-11-14/

RECYCLING all these is getting more efficient. Unlike burning fossil fuels, once mined, all these minerals go into the industrial ecosystem to be recycled forever. "Black mass" from ground-up EV batteries is no longer a waste product to dispose of, but a sought after resource.

COPPER: Replace with aluminium. Aluminium is less conductive so you have to have 25% thicker wires - but that doesn’t matter as it is half the price and weight. HVDC lines are already aluminium. It can replace 90% of the functions of copper. https://www.shapesbyhydro.com/en/material-properties/how-we-can-substitute-aluminium-for-copper-in-the-green-transition/


Wang et al Jan 2023 says we have enough minerals


The IEA says we have enough but must encourage speed of mine approval


Data scientist Hannah Ritchie of “Our world in data” and her own research says we have enough minerals - but there might be temporary shortages as we need to open more mines


LESS mining than fossil fuels - even when accounting for all the rock ore bodies moved to refine into the pure metals https://www.sustainabilitybynumbers.com/p/energy-transition-materials

"There’s no magic bullet for this level of complexity."

No - but there's magic buckshot. Abundant clean energy and clean food. More activists. More habitat. More New Urbanism and Ecocities. More culture change.

But I cannot sign on to your 'revolution' - not when all I hear is what you are against - not what you are FOR? All I can hear is you want to tear everything down. But what goes in its place? (Also - that last metaphor about the man who left the gas on sounded rather misandrous?)

It's easy to rant and rave against stuff. I've been there. But what replaces all these systems you are against? I have not heard a clear articulation of what you are FOR. Fluffly sounding "We're all stewards" and "We want nature everywhere - no sacrifice zones" don't really explain energy or housing or water or financial policy.

In fact - it was a vague idea about 'everyone having a manor in the country' and mixing city and nature that gave birth to one of the most destructive forms of human habitation ever devised - using 10 TIMES the land of traditional Urban forms. Suburbia. Traffic creating, soul destroying, community erasing suburbia. 'Deploying the city into the country' means they paved paradise and put up a parking lot.

So sometimes it is better to be honest. To admit that there's going to be more mining for a while - until there is vastly less because renewables can be recycled. To admit there are going to be 'sacrifice zones' - but trying to monitor them as best we can - and rehabilitate them. By trying to build cities that are more like cities - so we don't use 10 times the land like as in suburbia. But making them 'Ecocities' instead.

Revolution? Not if it means society collapses. It can be so trendy these days for nihilistic older people to be so cynical they praise the collapse of society to 'give nature a chance'. But they don't have a clue how much would go extinct if the world did go Mad Max! Because when the citizens starve - they'll eat anything. Even the cute little critters in that nature rescue just down the road. Or even the big ones. Like Castor and Pollux. The elephants, eaten in the siege of Paris.

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“We have met the enemy, and they are us.” - Pogo.

Talking about a system makes it sound like something we did not construct, and we cannot de-construct to reconstruct.

That is our failure.

The failure to hold our institutions of agency and authority accountable for individual exercises of institutional powers true to their institutional purpose.

Beginning with our institutions of money for finance, and in particular our institutions of fiduciary money and fiduciary finance.

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Ye of little faith RD! For me "Don't talk to me about problems"; talk is cheap, especially when it is just continually reprosecuting what the problems are. So, I focussed on solutions, and now you say "Don't talk to me about solutions"! Well, fortunately I got past that phase enough to work out how to take actions to implement solutions en masse. So, I'll be taking actions now, give me a couple of weeks. If someone says, "Dont talk to me about actions", then we really do have a problem. Till then, all the best. RD.

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More power to your action, RD! -- RD

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It’s not the system. It’s “we the people.”

Operator error….

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