“our devastating lack of imagination”

Pair this with Indra Adnan’s call for “the missing architecture of agency for human beings”, and we have a new manifesto for 21st Century education: how do we imagine the social architectures for agency as human beings collaboratively co-creating the world of technology choices that we make for ourselves in which to live out of the world of Nature into which we all are born?

The “how” is less about content, and more about process.

Which is difficult. Content is easy. Everybody has our own opinions. Process is hard work. And partnership. With ourselves. With each other. With Nature. And with our shared Future.

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Yes, indeed, more and more people are realizing what you so eloquently describe. But what do we do?? I think the doctors orders would be to practice doing with our world what we do with our work, at the end of rapid expansion of a new idea, get ready to make a choice. The basic options are A) keep going with rapid expansion till it fails like SO many civilizations before ours seem to have done, causing them to then vanish, or B) using growth resources to care for both out way of living as a whole and its world, while perfecting our economic and cultural; designs, confident of a healthy future.

How's that sound? It refers to what you can see as the natural response of self-preservation for systems that start with a long period of growth, like natural systems, like careers and communities. The secret is it only comes naturally when a new life develops a survival instinct, and our civilization has not done that yet. An odd sounding challenge but a very real one that will produce an enormous relief if we are able to do it!!

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