Jun 22, 2021 • 1HR 4M

What money really means

Financial hacker, Brett Scott, reveals how our financial systems are turning the world into a dystopia

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It's a critical time for our planet. We face severe ecological, economic and energy crises. Journalist Rachel Donald interviews experts confronting those crises head on, revealing the big picture of what's really going on.
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On this week’s episode is author, journalist and financial hacker, Brett Scott. Brett’s work centres around analysing and developing new monetary systems (stay tuned for a blistering review of crypto), whilst also campaigning for the bits in ours that aren’t broken (did you know cash is crucial to a democratic society?)

Brett’s specialism is phenomenally interesting in a world being devoured by capitalism. It was an honour to pick his brain about money and its impact on society, and I highly recommend you make time for what he has to say.

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