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Solving the Climate Crisis | Roundtable

Solving the Climate Crisis | Roundtable

A discussion between six Planet: Critical guests

In July, I recorded a roundtable with six of my former guests. The aim was to create an interdisciplinary assessment of the climate crisis, and what to do about it. Today, you can listen to the roundtable here, or watch it on Youtube.


There were six fascinating presentations, each followed by a round of questions. This is what to expect:

Maximum Power Principle in Biology & Economics
Carey King, research scientist and Assistant Director at the University of Texas Energy Institute

Global Climate Compensation
Henrik Nordborg, Physics Professor and Renewable Energy and Environmental Technology Program Director at the Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences

MEER & Warming Mitigation
Ye Tao, Physicist and Founder

Carbon Credit Currency
Steve Keen, Economist and Academic

Economy 3.0: Networked Societies & Energy Standard
Chris Cook, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Security and Resilience Studies at University College London

Oligarchy & Energy Systems Principles
Sally Goerner, Director of Edinburgh University’s Planetary Health Lab

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