Platform is rebranding to Planet: Critical

Dear subscribers,

First off, thank you all for your support. I’m chuffed every time someone signs up to join the community, and recently quite gobsmacked as those numbers leap up week in week out! The Platform podcast began as something of a pet project, and I never imagined it would find its niche in the world of podcasting and discussion.

In that vein, Platform is rebranding to Planet: Critical, a podcast for a world in crisis. Like Platform Enterprise, the Planet: Critical podcast will continue to platform experts at the frontline of the ecological, economic and energy crises to inform us how we can save the world—or if we’re too late.

I’ve been fortunate enough to attract some stars at the very edge of critical thinking onto the podcast. These academics, scientists and economists have been kind enough to support the show and introduce me to their networks of incredible researchers and problem-solvers. Planet: Critical will be an aggregate of their work, and a place for the world to discover more about this critical time in history.

I hope you continue to enjoy the show and these interviews. We’re taking a break this week as I focus on both the rebrand and COP26. From next week, the domain of this site and the emails you get will change to unless I hit some kind of tech hurdle that my feeble skills can’t get me over. Wish me luck!

Thanks, everyone.