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Our Global Economy Won't Survive | Sandy Trust

Our Global Economy Won't Survive | Sandy Trust

Financial Services Dramatically Underestimate Impact of Climate Change

What maniac would suggest a hothouse earth would be economically positive?

The financial services—and their incorrect models is costing us time to implement effective policies to mitigate climate change as much as possible. This is the warning from a report published by the Institute of Actuaries. The Emperor’s New Climate Scenarios warns that the world of finance is massively underestimating the destruction climate change will cause on our economy after 1.5 degrees of warming.


Sandy Trust, actuary and lead author, joins me to explain how such thinking got baked into the financial services by way of one man’s dodgy calculations, how to better interpret climate modelling, and the difference between risk assessment and scientific assessment. This is a truly fascinating conversation with Sandy expertly guiding us through technical terms to reveal a stark image: The people in charge are totally unaware of what’s coming.

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