Apr 28, 2021 • 53M

On Being an Artist

In conversation with writer and artist, Alice Frecknall

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Rachel Donald
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Alice Frecknall is a poet, short fiction writer and fine artist whose collection will be published with Outspoken Press later this year.

Alice joined me on the podcast to discuss artistry, language and the creative process. In this wonderful conversation, she highlights her journey from literature student to published poet, and delves into what being an artist and a writer means to her, and how the different mediums of her work continue to influence each other and evolve.

This is a beautiful discussion on that highlights just how remiss the world would be if we lost our Art and Artists. Ease in, and enjoy. You can also watch the full episode here.

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Photograph by Suzi Corker

Alice’s website: www.alicefrecknall.com


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