Jan 21, 2022 • 47M

How Western Philosophy Created the Crisis | Carl Safina

Examining how the concept of profanity impacted our relationship to earth

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Rachel Donald
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What’s Plato got to do with the environmental crisis?

Everything, according to Carl Safina, ecologist, author, fellow, and winner of the MacArthur genius grant. Carl joins me this week to discuss his new book which examines culture’s across the world, and their relationship to the planet. He argues that Plato’s concept of profanity engendered the Judeo-Christian monotheistic religions which view the world, and man, as sinful, in turn creating a Western culture which has no respect nor care for the natural world.

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He explains how this culture exported its ideology across the world and argues solutions will be found by examining and learning from Indigenous cultures which celebrate their role as within a wider ecosystem.


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