Feb 18, 2022

How To Make Markets Serve People | Chris Cook

Future markets have to be collaborative—here's how we bind them, legally.

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Rachel Donald
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The global financial system is exploitative, and squeezing the vast majority of people out of living a safe, well and happy life. It’s knackered, as this week’s guest puts it, and it’s got to change.

Chris Cook is the former director of the International Petroleum Exchange and is now a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Security and Resilience Studies at University College London. He firmly believes ethical markets are the most resilient, and has spent the past 15 years investigating how to create legal frameworks to bind markets to serve people.

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Chris says we’re headed for a third market paradigm, markets 3.0, which will be network-based and inherently collaborative. During this interview he provides a series of ideas to prove that this is more than just theory or hope—it is legally possible to create mutually assured financial relationships that cut out middlemen and yet still provide the current financial system with a role in protecting populations rather than exploiting them.


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Learn more about Chris’ work at the Institute for Security and Resilience Studies.

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