Nov 19, 2021 • 51M

Confronting the crisis: Systems, solutions and stories | Ugo Bardi

From 3-D printing bacteria-grown food to a new theory of evolution, we may yet pull through

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Rachel Donald
Planet: Critical is the podcast for a world in crisis. We face severe climate, energy, economic and political breakdown. Journalist Rachel Donald interviews those confronting the crisis, revealing what's really going on—and what needs to be done.
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Ugo Bardi is a Professor in Physical Chemistry at the University of Florence, and a member of the Club of Rome. Ugo’s work focuses on promoting a sustainable transition to renewable energy on the basis of a quantitative energy yield analysis. In his blog, he examines among other things the “Seneca Effect”, a biophysical interpretation of the collapse of complex systems.


In this fascinating interview Ugo ranges from discussing what killed the dinosaurs to revealing a theory of evolution that could radically transform how we combat the climate crisis. He also provides details on some of the most exciting technological advancements which could help us navigate our energy, economic and ecological crises.

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Ugo’s blog, The Seneca Effect.

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