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Common Sense vs Economics | Joshua Farley

Common Sense vs Economics | Joshua Farley

Rewriting economics to allow the best of human nature to triumph

Did you know that four years of studying mainstream economics at university has such a profound impact on students that their value systems change? And not for the better.

Economic theory affects the very fabric of human society, and the dominant neoliberal model is at the root of many of the crises we face. Assuming human nature is fundamentally selfish has created a terrible feedback loop of individualism, precarity and abuse. Ecological economists are fighting back with new models, models they believe are more in line with humankind’s long history of collaboration.

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Joshua Farley is a Professor of Ecological Economics at the University of Vermont. His research focuses on designing an economy capable of balancing what is biophysically possible with what is socially, psychologically and ethically desirable.

This episode is a big picture conversation about the roots of the climate and social crises. We discuss human values—and common sense—and how to reimagine an economics which will allow the best of human nature to triumph. 


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