Bonus | Understanding Resilience

On the relationship between processes and outcomes

Every week, I produce a short bonus video exploring the key ideas raised in the podcast interview. This video covers the relationship between processes and outcomes, inspired by this week’s episode with Graeme Cumming on Understanding Resilience.

“Everything really is so insanely complex, but there's something about that complexity and grasping at that complexity that could perhaps allow us a way through.

“If we are parts of a larger system, and if everything is part of a larger and larger and larger system, until we get to the solar system and beyond, then perfecting our function within that system—perfecting our own process, how we navigate how we engage, how we behave within that system and as part of that system to improve that system, which improves other systems—that could be a way to combat the anthropomorphic individualism that has driven a lot of culture and a lot of extractivism and our relationship to the natural world.”

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Planet: Critical
Planet: Critical
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