Bonus | Creating Deliberative Democracies

On precarity, power, class and collective action

Every week, I produce a short bonus video exploring the key ideas raised in the podcast interview. This video covers precarity, power, class and collective action, inspired by this week’s episode with Susan Clark and Tom Prugh on Creating Deliberative Democracies.

“We're living in this very strange age where we expect politicians to be performative. We expect them not to take responsibility for their own decisions and therefore for us, and that's equally mirrored in the kind of society we've created whereby our adult population is incredibly infantilized. The choices that we have for ourselves are diminishing; the lives that we could lead are becoming simpler and simpler…

It's incredibly infantilizing. It might explain why people project onto leaders as if they are the adults governing us rather than equal members of our society who are meant to be representing our interests. It might also explain why they are incapable of making good decisions because they have come through the very same system as the rest of us.”

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